She says


Deborah would like to recall her last few awesome moments of 2008 before she flies away to begin the next half of 2009 in a foreign land.

Watchnight was special in more ways than one. Okay firstly there was GMO GMO HOHOHO as always. Secondly, you could see the youth LESS CLIQUE-Y (as it was last year) and so much more OPEN. And embracing and warm and comfortable with each other. The atmosphere was so much more like being right at home.

Post-watchnight happynewyear moments have never been crazier. With Stacey and her “WORK IT GIRL THE CAMERA LOVES YOU” and Hannah strutting up and down in her GG dress and Jtung’s trenchcoat to boot and Shawna jumping into the photo all of them crashing the GMO PHOTO flinging their hair left right centre (unglam photos much) and GMO AND FRIENDS AND BEING SPRAYED AND POPPED AT WAH I AM DEAF.

Post-post happynewyearmoments have always been chaotic. Getting everyone together to cleanup, then assembling downstairs WHOISGOINGTOTHEYAPS please report here. And then the dissemination of transport into the various cars. Then the pleading with the parents, the allowing, the disallowing. CHAOS.

Post-post-post happynewyearmoments at KAP second year in a row. All of us crashing into KAP making a whole lotta noise, taking up tables. There was an old people table that was significantly more quiet than ours. Aha the table that we were at had too much laughing and too many bright flashes of light spinning off every direction. KAP BIRTHED GMJ AND FRIENDS. HAHA CONGRATS JOHNNAYE.

Post-post-post-post happynewyear moments at the Yap household second year running as well. This year, 90% of everyone who stayed over lasted the ENTIRE NIGHT all up without batting an eyelid (Okay thats a lie). HOW WE STAYED AWAKE I DONT KNOW. Maybe it was really red bull that gave us wings HAHAHA!! Okay highlights of the nights were of course rockband guitarhero wiii and the likes, but more importantly, the discovery of COLOUR SPLASH BLOCKUS EFFECTS which provided much entertainment for us through the night – not to forget a very short but IMPORTANT session of girls truth or dare in the room. It got abandoned shortly after rockband was introduced. ALSO, non-stop GMO GMJ moments.

5AM playground messing, ENCOUNTER WITH SCARY MAN which totally freaked me out as well btw – so we escaped to the playground at the back! And played with old people gym equipment and took jumping shots JOHNNAYE HAHA. Back to the house, and then it was JUMPING SHOTS FOR TWO HOURS. We seriously jumped for two hours it was so retarded BUT THE PHOTOS ARE SO AWESOME. And we just kept jumping and jumping woohoo we are so pro we can FLY! We were so pro that we even took a JUMPING POLAROID :D AWESOME ARE WE. Tania is a MAD person she jumps like a rabbit it is ridikulous.

By the time we finished jumping, we joined the rest in the living room and DAWN WAS BREAKING. I was truly shocked. Ahahaha. And then we continued until like 8, and we went for SPATA BREAKFAST. We had awesome firsts :)

On sat I met JOHNNAYE for coffee (a tokenistic cup) and had a travel to Ollie’s place adventure which wounded us 45 mins late for the meeting. Haha but in our little travel (mis)adventure I must say we crammed much quality time, much life sharing and learning, esp of the past two years and thoughts about the year ahead. Aha strange enough the two most rubbishy people in church come together to share their serious side. Cheers to that Johnnaye! Boo when Jon goes into army this year no more of our retarded musing and jokes and enlightening moments.. I WILL MISS THEM IMMENSELY :( I was so sad on Sunday because Jon can’t send me off tomorrow. So it would be the last time seeing him AND HIS MOEHAWK (my husband, mind you).

I spent the whole of today running in and out of the house buying stuff, running errands, returning people things, collecting things from people, and now I am so tired BUT I HAVENT EVEN PACKED. BOOYAH. AHAHAHAHHAA.


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  1. TARNIA Says:


  2. SHAWNA Says:

    love you deborah! love from cchc grlz tooz :)

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