Grinning yellow, spinning reds


Last night I had the most disturbing dream. Oh ho this one was WEIRD alright. I need more sleep. I watched Singing In The Rain last night with my family – AWESOME MUCH. I love musicals, love them more when they are old and rustic, love them the most when they are classic.

My head is spinning with thingsIhavetodo.

I still have to return so many things before I leave – I owe Ian his books, Mat her DVDs, Cheryl her scarf and her jeans, Mos his thumbdrive.. Uh oh. Ahahaha. OKAY I AM HOME ALL DAY ON THE 5TH SO IF YOU CANT GET ME YOU CAN GET THEM THEN.

I started packing yesterday and packing is such a chore. I dont know why I even thought it was FUN. Thats why I have to stay in on the 5th, to get all the packing and buying and stuffing done.

I’m really tired I NEED RED BULL. But I’m thinking all this rush and meetings are worth it because when I get on the plane I get 20 hours of sleep. GROSS. Not looking forward to that at all.

I’m so lazy to post more photos which I have because the turnover rate of me going out and taking photos vs the time I have to post them is Not Proportionate.

Okay I’m off to meet JOHNNAYE for COFFAYE and then its off to OLLAYE’S for a MEETAYE-ING.


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