Jingle shmingle ringle bells



We had My Hero Christmas celebrations in church on Sat night and Sunday morning. I am so proud of the skit team I really really am very very very grateful grateful grateful and touched and amazed at how God pulled everything together (BY A SINGLE WIRE!) and made everything work out awesome. And I’m sure the celebration has provided much good memories for us all. Behind the scenes waiting in the cryroom, scrutinizing the eight singers on stage hurhur, all the great songs with their STICKINYOURHEAD lyrics (AND HIS KINGDOM SHALL NEVER EVERRRR END. From the cradle to the cross aww I love that song), and the various names of God in the bible being shouted out of every book (The 4th man in the fiery furnace! The Lord coming with 10,000 saints! Darn I should’ve taped that), LIGHTSTICK MOSHING and doing all sorts of silly actions at the back row (ILOVETHEBACKROW) – “BOW BEFORE HIM AND ADORE HIM SINGGG..” *bows*. And of course, massive lunching at Suntec after, followed by a period of high strung indecision and finally pool at Marina Square. Some of the best and last times of 2008 :)

While running errands with my parents today, we stumbled upon a cafe at Holland Drive that SMELT LIKE CHRISTMAS. WITH CHRISTMAS MUSIC AND WARM LIGHTS AND CHRISTIAN VERSES ON THE WALLS. AND AWESOME BLACK FOREST AND CHOCOLATE CAKE. Matilda Tan. We are so going there.

Then we stumbled upon a shop that smelt like CAKE. Mmm.

The SPATA BFF TANIA YEO is back from Japan. HOHO MORE GOOD MORNING OLLIE TIMES!! Today was supposed to be wrapping presents and writing letters day. It is already 6pm. FAIL.

Our house does not have a christmas tree this year :( But the rest of the christmas decorations MUST BE PUT UP BY TONIGHT. It is imperative. Gid and I shall facilitate the administering of this process.


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