The most wonderful time of the year



The Wishlist:

1. Fringe bag (Today while shopping with Shermaine ALL I SAW WERE FRINGE BAGS)

2. ONE TIMES FABULOUS BAG (But I think I can go Amerika and find that)

3. Nail polish in x1123823 psychedelic colours. Sherms and I went for manicure today! (with vouchers) and I bought red and pink nail polish. OKAY STRIKE OUT THIS ONE.

4. Lots of chain necklaces ala Givenchy

5. Lots of BLINGS. I got some today too. But you can never have enough.

6. Organiser for 2009! We wanted to get from Paperchase today but DUNCH HAVE NICE ONES :(

7. Benetint.

8. IPOD SPEAKERS (erm the pig speaker is just a representation). I would love ipod speakers.

9. Bobbi Brown EYE CREAM (I couldn’t find the right photo hurhur). I know its a bit random but I realised I’ve been abusing my eyes.

10. Ipod COVER for my classic. I’m bored of black and plastic.

11. Perfume. Erm strangely enough I’ve run out of perfume again. HA. The only two types I really want are Davidoff Cool Water GAME for Women and Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline.

12. Addition – NEW WALLET.

13. And for those who know me – Anything Audrey Hepburn. NAT YOU STILL OWE ME THAT MOVIE POSTER HELLO IT IS ROTTING IN YOUR HOUSE.

Okay in reality when I was thinking WHAT DO I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS – I realised that I really don’t want anything at all. I had to think real hard before I came up with this VERY FRIVOLOUS list of things that I really don’t need. I know I’ve been sekretly proud of myself that I haven’t been getting pocket money from my parents since I graduated from JC and all my materialistic and frivolous expenses have been self-funded. But despite this sekret pride, there is sekret guilt that at the end of the day, I really don’t need anything at all.

What I really wish for are things that have passed me by, things that are beyond my control or anyone else’s really, things that pertain to the recesses of my heart and not on a wishlist that Santa ticks off. What I really wish for is for myself to be a better person every year, to have loved a little more every year, and to have been loved a little more every year. The selfish human side demands a list of presents from the world, but the innerman demands eternal hope of heaven on earth. The secret of contentment is joy and peace in the Everlasting Arms, and that is the reason for the season.

Christmas should be a time to count our blessings, and name them one by one; instead of demanding our non-existent entitlement for more. Maybe this is why its my favourite time of the year – because its the time that I realise how awesomely blessed I am, with the best kind of family and friends :)


2 Responses to “The most wonderful time of the year”



  2. God Says:

    “I am indeed pleased with these Musings”
    “I also like how you put me together in a post with fringe bags, eye cream AND Audrey Hepburn (at least she’s beautiful; i know, i created her”

    p.s I do hope i’m your bestest/favouritest christmas gift ever. You are definitely mine (:

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