The sound of November downtown


Just came back from dinner at Greenwood and ice cream at Island. Haven’t seen the bunch for awhiles. Anyway I promised Xz that I wasn’t supposed to eat (cos Gid and I had AN ENTIRE DAY EATOUT – Ikea + Queensway + Anchorpointwhichisawesome) BUT IN THE END I SUCCUMBED because of 1. good food good price and 2. handsome italian owner of the restaurant who looks like George Clooney + Antonio Banderas. GAH.

I am going back there again. DEFINITELY.


Handsome italian man asked if we wanted wine. Handsome italian man’s family owns a vineyard. HOW CAN ANYONE SAY NO.


Pasta Yums.


Cronies for the night. I look like Darren in the photo ohmy. And Darren and Seah take photos like GIRLS.

Meeting Shermaine Tan tmr afternoon and then.. CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Hopefully. With Gid (again hahaha) – well hopefully this time it won’t turn into a SHOPPINGFORMYSELF trip. Like it did today.. Hahahaha. Oh and today Gid and I concluded that Joshua Radin’s VOICE is just ultra emo. He can sing the alphabet and make it sound emo. I STAND BY THAT.


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