The hair and friends


SUNDAY’S CRAZY DAY. Combined service at 830am; rehearsal started at about 130pm and lasted all the way till 7+pm. TO SHAY. Now the CRADLE TO THE CROSS song is stuck in my head.


Of course, the day that THE HAIR made its debut! Ahurhur.


This was during EGM while the youths were hanging around downstairs. We realised that when Jon wears the black hoodie he looks like NATH!! The equation is Jon + Nic 2 = Nath. Nice. And the last photo is cos Gid said that Daniel and Jon look like Flight of the Concords.


WAITING waiting waiting for rehearsal to start. Who knew waiting could be so tiring.


This photo is hugely disturbing on so many levels.




Husband and I. HAHAHAHA.

You know, there are so many things that I wana say but so little energy and ability to articulate them. If I could go through the so many things that I am grateful about, I doubt I’d end – if I were to recount the miracles that God has so faithfully performed in my life the past few weeks, I don’t think I’d believe them myself. Various words and people have challenged my identity, and I always forget that my struggle to disagree with them and prove myself is in vain – for my identity is in Christ. For to live is Christ and to die is gain. All the hurt and the sekrets and the weariness have all been searing bullets that pass through me and vapourize at the thought of my rest in Him. All my joy of various forms have been blessings lavished (LAVISHED!) upon me, all my victories are laid to rest behind the glory of the old rugged cross.


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