I stayed, you left.


I used to have this friend. On Valentines Day three years ago, he gave me a LOTR CD which had drawings and scribblings all over the cover – Frodo had an eye patch and Gandalf had a blurb that said something stupid. I loved that CD. When Socks died, his words of comfort were to go do push-ups to distract myself from being sad. It made me laugh in between those bitter tears. He swore alot and I hated it. We exchanged books, pretended to study alot, talked about religion. I’ve never admitted it, but he was there for me more than I was for him. We were each other’s sekret keepers. Pals. Good friends. I hate to think about this, but I know one of my biggest regrets is that we are no longer. From time to time I wonder how he is doing. I need to tell him that I am grateful.


One Response to “I stayed, you left.”

  1. micheyeo Says:

    your exams over alr la doan so emo

    i want nice hair too :( it's turned into a mushroom cap i need to go cut it so badly BUT EXAMS NOT OVERRR

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