Happy 20th Debbie!


This was Debbie’s pretend-to-be-surprised face. HAHAHA. We decided we shd just stop planning surprises cos they never really turn out surprising anymore. The novelty is lost. Hahaha :) Anyway! Seah & Debbie :) So cutes.

HOHOHO. Food is always the favourite part of the partaye. STUFF IT.

The familiar hanging around scene. (And zhu about to yawn!)

Time to try out my awesome specs! Fish, beered and battered. Zhu, excessively happy.

The familiar EATING SCENE. Yum.

Boys and their greed.

I do not remember what was going on.


HAHAHAHA. Hiew getting a little too close for comfort! Haiyo.

The dwindling female population. Happy birthday Debbie! :)

New activities introduced for our gatherings:

1. Grape catching.


3. Nat’s random dancing outburst.

4. Obama vs Hilary Presedential Election Debate. This was probably the most unexpected. AHAHAHAHA. They went on for pretty long. I think Michael won in the end.


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