I bought a professional makeup box for $20 at BTP today :) After buying it I went home and cleared out all the makeup and stuff that I don’t use and cleared up the ones that I wanted to keep.. and VOILA! I am so proud of myself. I know it looks like alot, but its not la. Hahaha I think alot of small tubes and bottles are all the makeup samples from Amelia. Haha the top row is full of accessories and stuff, and the bottom two rows are makeup. I went online to find how much they sell these boxes for and the only one I could find was the silver Shu Uemura one for $450!?!? Okay I assume its much larger.. but I’m very happy with my buy! Except that its SO heavy now. Aha but I recommend it all the same :) Bleh I haven’t been using much makeup recently anyway because I’ve been having a bad bout of breakout. ROAR. I need to clean out my life and arrange my thoughts and feelings nicely into a box..

1. Flea market CLOTHES CLEARANCE done :)
2. Makeup and accessories re-arranging done.
3. Now I need to arrange my uni NOTES. Oh goodness. This is not going to be pretty.


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