How many boys does it take..


To change a flat tyre? The answer would be around six, PLUS random kindhearted dude from nowhere who decided to chip in his two cents worth – which proved the main bulk of the fixing.

The facts were these.

After cell last week, we had parked outside Railmall and were waiting for a place at A MEI’S KAYA TOAST place. Suddenly I hear this strange noise coming from Xz’s car.

Me: Eh is there a noise coming from your car?
Xz: Is there? (Goes over the check. Me follows.)
Xz: I think the tyre is flat!
Me: Really??
Xz: (Starts pressing his tires..) Yar see its damn soft. I think its flat. FAINTED.

Okay I lied Xz didn’t say fainted. But his expressions were much to the same extent. Ok so while we waited for the food to come the boys were busy fixing the tire and because the car was parked along the road in FULL VIEW of everyone at A MEI’S KAYA TOAST place, we attracted quite a crowd of spectators and commentators. It was very amusing. Singaporeans with nothing else better to do but crowd around and watch a bunch of boys change a tyre. Sounds really retarded but I told Chek that if I were them I’d probably do the same thing. HAH.



This week has been rather gruelling. And it is only going to get worse because this marks the beginning of… TERM PAPER DEADLINES. DE-NEH I am so dead. This week is especially busy also because of all the weekend activities lined up that start from 11am tomorrow. ARHHHH.

Okay to recap the week, Gid and I saw an accident right outside our house at the 24-hr prata place and it was really scary. From the rather traumatizing experience I noticed 1. Singaporeans are actually really helpful. Everyone around reacted really fast to the poor motorcyclist who was lying motionless on the floor (scary) and his motorcycle in smithereens (scary). One Malay guy automatically started to divert traffic and stuff, whilst others (inclusive of two AMs) were with the guy calling the police, ambulance and telling the injured man not to move and stuff. What nice people. And 2. The ambulance came really fast! VGOOD. GOOD JOB CIVIL DEFENCE. Hurhur.

A few days later I saw the remains of half a cat sprawled on the road outside the YIH bus stop at NUS. I saw a tail, fur, blood and other disgusting things that I wish I had not seen. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE OTHER HALF OF THE CAT IS ON SOMEONE’S TYRE ok this is just really disgusting. When I saw it I felt like throwing up. Ugh. To which David replied something about cats and their souls. Not very helpful.

Pushing Daisies ftw at the moment. I LOVE. NED <3


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