Colinkor’s Wedding


And so, another wedding for the Goh clan. Kelvinkor, Peggyjie and now Colinkor.. Hanhanjie is getting married next year in Oct (whoopee!) and so lets see… oh right, Dakorkor is next. HAHA the pressure is ON. Gid and I were discussing if we should make a flipchart for him counting down the days he has left to find his other half.

Ceremony in the morning! I was like halfasleep la. But it was the first time I witnessed this tea ceremony thingamajiggy. I couldn’t resist; note my mom’s elated hand gesturing at the end when she handed out the angpaos. Hurhurhur. Also note to self: never allow girlfriends to colour code in pastel pink. (I think even my aunts had better choice of colour than that! Hot pink is making a comeback. HAHA)

The Wedding Dinner. On the way up we took the lift with EDMUND CHEN! Who wasn’t there for the dinner but oh well. He looks exacttttly like how he looks on television, which is rare. He has not aged a day. Amazing. He is hoarding the elixir of youth.

I really adored the whole dinner ballroom setup. It was small but very quaint. And I loved the firefly lights in the front. Actually when I entered the ballroom, the setup reminded me very strangely of Noah’s Comms ball in 06, minus the girls with too little clothing, fire-eaters, painful table games, the emergence of strong indignation about female objectification….. Hahahaha.

The gaps in the middle are supposed to symbolize the three missing members of the family. We were only at half strength.

And the theme for this photo was, WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE THE REST OF THE COUSINS!? (You guys had better get back here fast)

Check out the resemblance of Gid and Colinkor! :O

Dum, dum, dumdummmm.. you get the picture. Check out Gid and Sam throwing petals! Funfun.. until they started throwing it at me.

HEEHEEHEE one of the highlights of the evening for me was the entry of the food by these poor waiters. They DANCED in to the tune of “Be My Guest”. Shuffled from side to side with a little bounce in their toes, to be exact. Ohmy I nearly died laughing. Poor things. The most hilarious part was when they finished lining up along the aisle there was this indian waiter dude who was right next to our table, and he had this Why in the blue hell am I doing this…you gotta be kidding me face. HAHAHA.

The nephew and family. Reading Curious George!

My favourite photo for the night HAS to be Uncle Alan and the Yamseng moment. Captured and forever imprinted in my head. HAHA he was hilarious.. and possibly tipsy.

Cousins! (and their spouses)

Goh clan, Singapore branch. We have another sizable branch in Australia.

Please note the mother’s worried face in the backseat.

This all took place in the carpark basement, because we took like HALF AN HOUR to get out of the carpark – blame the bad traffic arrangement of the carpark exit, and the potent combination of Clarke Quay and Saturday nights.


BY THE WAY, its reading week. I should (and am) reading.. readings.
GG Ep 4 makes me slightly more optimistic for the future. Firstly, the DOTCOM thing has finally found its way onscreen! I knew it was only a matter of time. HAHAHA. Go google revenge and your get Blairwaldorf DOTCOM. You have redeemed yourself, Dan.

Secondly, Rufus and Lily! <3 Can I say that old people love is THE BEST.


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  1. me Says:

    i’m writing here because when you delete that tagboard, this will STILL BE HERE. anyway, I just realised, your blog sort of doubles up as your family’s history book. so and so got married and such a time, you all went to this place that place…. yes. isnt it AMAZING?

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