Updates from my trusty handphone


Dumdumdum. These photos are arranged in chronological order, and updates follow suit. The first picture is Seah and Mun being gay, and that has been since the beginning of time so whatever, we don’t really need to elaborate on that. Hahahaha.

NUS has the prettiest trees. So does the walk home if I take the shortcut along the PIE exit. These trees with their kaleidoscope view of the sky always make my day :) The pretty sky was taken from the overhead bridge at Jelita. I haven’t seen much of those in a very, very long time.

Okay, BECAUSE AMELIA SAYS SO, I have to put up the mickey mouse ice cream photo. So Ame and I went for Body balance on Wed night, and we were like the only two noobs who hadn’t gone for the class before. So all the man’s crazy stretches and suedo yoga-pilates-ACROBATIC moves were like omged-we-are-so-falling-all-over-what-did-he-just-do. Hahahahha. But it was quite fun.. especially at the end when he switched off the lights and had this whole feel-yourself-blend-into-the-environment thing. Okay that part wasn’t fun, it was Hilarious. And I swear I could hear Ame trying to prevent herself from laughing and it took me alot of self control and will power to do the same.. esp when he went. This beautiful…moment… is… yours. All YOURS. Like what!??! Yeah so after class we went for Pizzahut dinner and had a Kid’s meal (which we shall now always order) which came with that cute mickey mouse ice cream. Satisfaction.

The next photo was taken really long ago actually, of my parents in MATCHING CLOTHING HURHUR. But let us now draw attention to my dad. I wanted to blog about this yesterday but I forgot. So my dad, Uncle Bobby and Ollie are in Amerika right now, for some church matters and stuff. And last night while I was at a USS talk about how monkeys and grooming are related to social trade, I got this sms from my father.

Wed. 5.15am 17 Sep. Houston. Holiday Inn. SQ flight good. Screen upgraded. From Moscow we had 3 seats 2 each one. Amenities ok compared 2 a few days ago. Had burgers 4 dinner. Slept 7pm. Hot b/f. Fone charger wrong adapter

I nearly burst out laughing while the guest speaker was just going into elaboration about female monkey’s swelling butts. HOT B/F!!?!?!!? HAHAHAHAHAHAA. And even after that it took me awhile to figure out that b/f stood for breakfast instead of bath, or, you know. Hahahahahahaha I should start a show called Parents type the darndest things.

Okay and lastly the photo was taken a few hours ago, at Yuzu Shimizu at the PSA building. Ethel’s birthday dinner :) So the photo is Ethel with the boys.. who are all more interested in Nat, evidently. Anyway I didn’t bring my camera so I was like RAWR! This will have to do :) Aside from breaking their curtains and fixing it back the wrong way round, manhandling Nat/Jon Tang/Daniel Tan respectively and Mun, Daniel and Pete playing catching round the table…… I think they pretty much would want us to patron their restaurant again. Or not :)


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