World Suicide Prevention Day


So I just opened my NUS email and apparently it is World Suicide Prevention Day. I was reading the quote attached in the flyer on the left and all was going well till I finished the last few words. No offence to Henry James, but I do believe that this is the worst quote ever written (and chosen, actually, for such an occasion). Your belief will help create the fact?!?! Meaning that it wasn’t a fact that your life was worth living before and you can only construct that truth in your head? Oh my that is so going to help those suicidal people out there..

In other news, Louis flew off last night. I shall post the group photo once Debbie has it on FB, together with Louis’ rather awesome quote for the night. It was sweet :) Also, I got to vroom vroom Xz’s Volkswagen G from the airport back! Excite.

After watching GG Ep 2 I must say that it is really starting to disappoint me and get trashy in terms of Serena-Dan plot. There might come a point where I agree that it is getting a bit too trashy for young minds (like mine. HAHA.) Come on Josh Schwartz, I can forgive you for reusing plot and characters and events from the OC, but buck up already!


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