Six Degrees of Separation


Complete, and in chronological order.

Belated father & godmother birthday lunch at Orchard hotel. FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD.

Plus the oldies (parents & godparents)

Gideon’s adverse chemical reaction to orange tomato soup.

THE ORANGE BOY. Who rams oranges into his mouth like there is no tomorrow.

We stalk. So cutes. Hahahahahaha.

AND THIS WAS OUR ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE DAY: Dumbledore the conjurer. Gid has demoted him from wizard to magician to enchanter to mere conjurer.. pls check out his HUNCHED BACK!? When he stood straight it straightened out again. It was a very disturbing and queer phenomenon that we could not grasp our minds around..

THIS was when Gid gathered courage to approach Dumbledore, but FAILED MISERABLY. His challenge was to shout “Dumbledore, make me a sword!” at the magician man, but he got DAOED. HAHAHAHAHA. Gid would also like to point out that he most specifically ignored and bypassed our table without offering to make swords/flowers or do cardtricks for us!! (He even approached old women). Discrimination, we tolerate not.

And in full force! :) Before Caleb departed for the US of A.

Strangely enough, the ride home consisted of my brothers and I in AMY (Dakor’s car), blasting Mambo music with the windows down.


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