You Are My Sweetest Downfall


The weekends are always chock full of nonstop action. This week has been especially crazy. I am glad it is nearing an end soon.. because there is a limit to energy and a never ending need for more sleep. So far..

Thurs: Visitations to the Chong residence with Chek, Debbie and Vik. Led Zepplin, The Eagles, fruits and an overdose on the best kind of medicine. Ben has had a pretty miraculous recovery since his op. Thank God :)

Fri: Visitations (again) to the Chong residence with other tuition peeps. Siyou, Mos and Eugene. Had brunch with Mos at LORONG LEW LIAN. Ahurhurhur I am very tickled by this name. Anyway, too much laughing (I blame Vik and Chek) the previous night resulted in a feverish Ben, who really needs to put on some weight before he disappears into thin air. We stayed and talked till we got chased out by his entourage of 330pm visitors.

Ting and Louis’ farewell in the evening at the permanent party residence. Adequate food, awesome company, and surprising heart-to-hearts. Much, much long missed fun and conversation. We need to have more parties.. I’m quite sad that the massive reunion party before school started didn’t come through, cos I was really too mad busy to plan it by myself. Oh well. At least we still have birthdays, farewells and spontaneous random gatherings. Is good. Pictures to come.

Sat: Jerry Bridge’s Conference the entire afternoon. Alot of the points made really encapsulated the simple truths that God has been teaching me over this year. I was so glad to hear my beliefs and approaches and takes on things being affirmed. And I am thankful to be reminded of the things that I should be doing. Always put on love, and always Thy will be done.

I met Charles at the bus stop – KING OF MIA. I am so glad I got to meet him though. We managed to squeeze as much catching up as possible in the twenty minutes waiting for the bus and the less than ten minutes bus ride. Ah. So much, so much more to say and share, but only so much permitted. ROAR. I should drop him a mail sometime to finish up our conversation left hanging.

Seah’s new foosball table arrived and this meant nonstop foosball action interspersed with KFC DELIVERY! (insert Seah and Debbie’s chanting of the orderin number). Playing foosball is extremely tiring. Firstly it gives you a huge backache, and secondly, it takes a toll on your throat. Screaming is just a involuntary reflex when it comes to these exciting games. Haha I was TRAINING for quite long at Seah’s, so I declare myself a better foosball player! The girls + Seah were having nonstop rounds, while the rest of the boys were playing Monopoly (THE IRONY) on the floor.. and Hiew bought a forest (“I would like to buy a forest please.” HAHA) Or at least, thats the only thing I heard from the game amidst the screaming and loud music.


Oh the desire of the heart to feel with wild abandon, but the knowledge of the need to curb its untamed self. The joys of nearly achieving contentment in its pure form, and then the frustrations of the pursuit of bigger happinesses. The adrenaline rush of hopefulness and false hope that emerges with or without consent, and the wisdom to know the difference. The quiet pangs of hurt that involve two, but only is known to one.

I thought, I was almost going to be okay; it was almost going to be okay.

The dilemma of choosing the straight and narrow path, and the courage in taking this road less traveled.
I believe it can still be okay.


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