The Broho Treats


Monday: The Dessert Tour

Monday and Wednesday saw a frantic flurry of Broho activities before Ting leaves on Monday :( PREMATURE DEPARTURE. So far she is the only one who has not been subject to a treat! Thus when she comes back in Dec, it is free flow of fillintheblanks for us. Monday’s DESSERT TOUR was on me because I lost the UNO stacko game :( My poor, poor pocket. Hahaha.

Stop 1, Frolick.
Stop 2, The Unnecessarily Expensive Cold Rock.
Stop 3, NYDC
Stop 4, Swensens.
These people are quite demanding ah. They still wanted to go to 2AM DESSERT BAR. LIKE MONEY FLOWS OUT OF MY EARS RIGHT. Haiyo. Nightride in the BROMOBILE.

Wednesday: Movie Watching! WALL-E!

HOW ABOUT WALL-E IS AWESOME. I think if I watched it myself I would’ve BAWLED at various parts. Everyone needs to go and watch it. WATCH IT WATCH IT! I refuse to spoil the story for everybuddy. So everybuddy needs to go and experience it themselves. The Wonderful Wall-E. I want to marry Wall-E :) So cutes.

Ridiculous photobooth whoring at B&Js:

And the imitations.
Spot: Hand of Thng, The Intense, The HIMYM, The Side Face, and The Brendan.

Michael is possibly the WORST at camwhoring. Ohmygoodness. I have never seen someone look this hilariously horrendous in photos. It is actually painful to watch him try. HAHAHA this is such great blackmail worthy material!


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