The First Bean Sleepover


This is Sal, in all his blackfaced pudgy goodness. He is a solid creature of cuteness! Please listen to his Old Man Snore. It is truly classic (and not to mention, truly hilarious.)

This was on the night of the first Bean sleepover in history! (dumdumdum music please) Of which Rara and I spent the entire night up. First the Olympics. Volleyball – GEEEEBA! FEI! ANGEL-CHISELLED FACE! MODEL FACE! BORAT! ANGEL GABRIEL HAIR! And our scrutiny of Italian and Brazillian faces, and then handball – AKA modern day gladiators. Ouch. Hahaha. After that, we watched Kite Runner, Step Up 2 and then a documentary on EVIL PEOPLE – of which we both fell asleep somewhere along the way. Of course all these shows were interspersed with much laughter and conversation (much to the disapproval of Salpal who was trying to sleep) and quality Bean time. Kite Runner was the BOMBS. The casting was uber awesome and we were like omygidding through the whole show! So much raw emotion, so much to take in. A disturbing, but painfully necessary show to watch :(

For you, a thousand times over.


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