Seah’s 20th Birthday


Happy Birthday Seah! One of the strangest people I know. HAHAHA. Please check out the last photo. Ridicule I tell you. I don’t know who gave him that as a birthday present. So on a rainy Sunday afternoon we had a nice birthday meal at Peperoni’s at Greenwood. The rain was no match for the BOOMING laughter of the boys.. and Shaun Chan’s iconic high-pitched laughter. HAHA. I RESISTED ALL TEMPTATION and did not eat anything (cos I had a giant meal earlier with my family) while the rest feasted on mega sized pizzas. I love Peperoni’s for their paper tablemats and crayons. Perfect for those with itchy fingers :)

Later on that day I made my way down for tuition. I love my tuition kids because they always provide me with Kitkat or Timeout or some wonderful chocolate treat (CRAAAVING) which I really need to keep me alert and awake because Sunday is really a crashandburn for me. Chocolate is my vitamin!


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