Olympics – Celebrate Humanity, Smile & Courage


The full set of seven videos:
Courage, Bronze, Giant, Silver, Rhyme, Smile, Adversary.

My favourite two of the seven:


When you smile, I smile – that’s the deal.
I will not walk past you and not look you in the eyes and not acknowledge you
Instead we will pass each other and say hello
Not with our words, for they are not the same
But with our faces.

I meet you and see there is good in your eyes
There is passion in your heart
There is a friendly hello in your smile
And for the first time we can relate and appreciate each other.
Thats all it takes; thats where it starts
Because I know that you will smile and I will smile
And all the rest, is easy.


Strength, is measured in pounds.
Speed, is measured in seconds.
You can’t measure courage.


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