Rocking Out


Yet another successful tuition outing. Benchong you have outdone yourself. Hahaha rocking out to Rock Band and Guitarhero on a Sunday evening (while Singapore won our first silver medal in 48 years) + loads of good old Bukit timah market food to boot. Ben and Vik played themselves silly with Through the Fire and the Flames…

Please take note of how Ben plays the drums with his mouth open. HAHAHA Siyou and I were laughing at the boys the entire time cos they all have weird quirks when they play. And yes, my friends, that is indeed Samuel Beh Pei Wen playing the guitar and the drums. We thought the day would never come. Also, I have exclusive and priceless footage of Eugene singing Dirty Little Secret. Oh JOY.


I don’t remember what happened… I just know part of this was Ben being annoying and trying to sit farrrr away from me.

And Ben is still at it, trying to swing the chair into my face..

At long last.
Missing from photo: Adrian, Barry and Mos!

So you might be wondering why it is that I am able to post so often. LIKE FREE, if I may say so myself. Firstly, I have a three and a half day week of school. Secondly, my Apple is awesome. Thirdly, a gazillion things always happen over the weekend and so there are always a gazillion photos that I find on my hand, waiting to be posted. And I give people what they want. Namely, PHOTOS. I don’t really like this turning into a photo blog so I hope to clear photos out of the way so that I have time to post my personal musings. When they come to me. If they come to me.


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