Chek’s Surprise 20th


Many, many (many!) photos up ahead. Click for larger. This was one of those nights :)

The bunch :) (Psst it looks like Chek and Zhu’s wedding dinner. HAHA sorry I had to say it.)

The supplies had to be carefully planned out because Chek is one of the experienced master planners of supplieses. BUT I AM THE MASTER PLANNER THANKS. Hahahaha anyway so we tricked-ed him and he thought we were having cell at his place (which we usually do) but it was actually a supplies. The problem, as USUAL, was that everyone was late, so we had to evacuate residual members out of the house cos Chek was coming home. The brainstorming process of how to enact the supplies included driving the entourage of cars and horning them to come out, storming in with a happy birthday song.. but eventually we went along with Pete’s ridiculously act tough plan of driving the entourage and parking right in front while blasting uber loud rap music until they came out. Please tell me why we went along with it. HAHA ultimate act tough.

After Chek was like omigad its a supplies! – we had cake cutting in the house before he changed and then we set offfffff to Dempsey.

Dinner was at the Barrack’s Cafe @ House. And everyone was supposed to dress up because Chek likes posh-gosh-omigosh things.

We got a private room along with our reservation. Awesomeness. The conclusion is that we can never go for fine dining together because they will probably kick us out of the restaurant. Haha! We need private rooms.

The menus were in the format of newspapers, so I thought it was hilarious cos it just looked like everyone was just reading papers around the table in the morning. Ooh and we ordered THE 15 MINUTE MOBILE MASSAGE for Chek. They got a therapist from the spa area to come down to do an onthespot massage. And as usual, Nat just could not resist making friends with the poor guy (who didn’t even speak English). He was not spared.

Food glorious food.

…And so begun the madness that was the night.

Boys and ladies with the birthday boy Checkers.

This is how you wear… The Alvinmun Blazer. HAHAHA.

And the boys attempt to leave an impression. As always.

We have to try, have to try to be younger than today.


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