Daytime Out and Abouts


Wednesday Morning at Ian’s
I went over to Ian’s on wed to help him pack because I am nice like that :) Haha more like because he is leaving this Sat and I wouldn’t really have time to catch up before he leaves. I must say it was an unexpected twist of events that led me to get to know this small eyed boy. From just knowing him as a boyband acquaintance at Natlee’s farewell to an entire night of conversation a year later at Jon’s farewell that was held a few weeks back. And hopefully (I do hope really), soon to be part of something else! Hyukhyuk. We shall see how that turns out. Pls keep me updated mister!

Just to let you know, I am an awesome packer thanks. HAHA. While packing I discovered his awesome SKI EQUIPMENT including this awesome SKI MASK!! I took a picture wearing it (I HAD TO IT WAS SO COOL) but I just look retarded and bug-eyed so I refuse to put it up. Haha it is cool to say the least. I also want. Anyway this is it:

And if you look closely you will realise Ian and I are both wearing Red Bull stuff. Goodness. Anyway we spent the morning packing, skyping with Cheryl, eating PAO and koping things. Oh, let us not forget my exclusive video screening. The boyband is really something. I am content being a groupie! Hahaha. I left his place MUCH RICHER, with 9GB worth of songs (LOADS of new stuff. I don’t know how am I going to listen to them all) and an entire collection of books. I almost stole his entire CD collection. SPANKSSS IAN :) I WILL SEE YOU (if not at the end of the year) THEN IN THE US OF A. HOPEFULLY!

Thrifting with Amelia
We were supposed to go to three thrift shops; we had the addresses down and all, but in the end we only made it to the Salvation Army at Serangoon :( We must go to the others another day! In the end after Rachel left, Melia and I ended up at City Plaza! Hahahhaha. AND. I did stuff that I wanted to do in A VERY LONG TIME. I got coloured hair extensions! HAHA. Its not very obvious la, so I am not an ahlian okay. Its subtle purple and blonde. Really subtle. But I loves it :) I’ve been wanting to get them for a VERY long time now, just that no one seems to have supported me in doing it. I managed to influence Melia into getting curled extensions mwahaha so we sat there and got our hair done. And apparently Eunice Olsen gets her hair done there too. Haha. When Amelia is done with teaching then we shall go and get even more obvious coloured extensions! CARPIE DIEM FTW.

Just got back not too long ago from Chek’s surprise birthday dinner at Dempsey. Loads and loads of photos. Patience.


One Response to “Daytime Out and Abouts”

  1. amelia Says:

    the curls are almost gone! I am sadz. not i just have extra hair.

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