Happy Birthday Kat :)


The girls, after many repeated takes. They were finally satisfied. I maintain that no one’s face is SYMMETRICAL.

This was probably only a third of what Miss Law Szesze ordered. Ohno I didn’t take a picture of the gyoza. I LOVE GYOZA! GYOOOZAAA. It is part of my childhood.

The birthday girl.

Four of us stuffed with raw fish (:D) and the likes – EXCEPT CHERYL HO, who has sworn off like everything. Boo. Hahaha. Maybe a good idea since after dinner we had a ride in Kat’s deathcab. Mat had the great privilege of sitting in front for the first time. HAHA I’m kidding la Hello Katlaw I still lubchew :)

Wine, cheese, crackers and chocolates at Kat’s place. Courtesy of Kat’s awesome parents.

We spent the entire time at her place tasting the food above and talking to Kat’s mom HURHUR WE ARE COOL LIKE THAT. HAHAHA. Kat’s mom is like more happening than all of us la. I hope we are all still so nice and haps when we grow older! We are beginning to laugh at old people things and old people jokes. Egad. Or maybe Kat’s mom is just very young at heart. Forever young!


The one and only interesting photo out of the gazillion boring photos. We shall strive for two the next time ya.

Cheers to girlfriends, cheers to the years :)


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