GBC 49th Anniversary & Debbie’s Farewell


GBC TURNS 49! :)

The Girls :) Kiyoko, Mae, Debs, Shawna, Hannah.

With Toshi and Caleb, who performed an awesome item during service – a song written by the oldest brother.

Chuanhao & Melisse’s BABY!! SO CUTES AND GUAI. DOES NOT CRY. What an amazing baby.

After the buffet lunch, we all piled into the Beh’s car and made our way to Debbie’s house to set up for the SURPRISE! Along the way we encountered suedo-opium smoking man, baby napper and ice cream man! All captured through Shawna’s paparazzi lens. Hahahaha.

After The Attack, we had her blindfolded and made her whack the PINATA.

The ordeal.

And this was SURPRISE #2 – Toby hiding under the bed. HAHAHA POOR THING.

Debbie and the womanfolk.

Debbie and her MEN.

Green tea ice cream, Cheongs, Yap.

Another ZHENQING PHOTO for the keeping.

I find this series of photos HI-LARIOUS.
Please take note especially of Toby’s forlon and longing look and how he retreats into a corner with Hannah’s clutch (!? GOODNESS) – and eventually both Wus fade into a weary state.

A series of events.



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