How Many Special People Change?


The beans reunite! :) I am the happiest when I get to meet up with the bean again. Everytime she comes back, we meet at her place – so this time Rara has knighted it THE BEAN HQ. Hahaha I love it. The last time Rara came back we had our catch-up sitting along the edge of the pool, wading in the water, with Vodka running back and forth behind us. This time, the rain ruined our getting in touch with nature (HAHA) and so we had our conversation in the living room. Too bad this time we didn’t manage to play with Vodka and Sal pal! My favourite canine friends. Aside from dinner, driving through ice cream at Macs and watching one of bean’s modern dance performances on dvd (the first time I had seen her dance, believe it or not!), we had solid conversation from 4pm -11pm.

We talked about everything that there was possibly to talk about. Changes in church, life abroad, life in Singapore, studies, friends, our favourite canine pals, the future, our past, relationships, siblings, God, faith, family.. so many, so many things. I suppose the thing that stuck out the most was how people around us had changed for the worse despite things around us changing for the better. We hope for happy endings, but alas, in the bean’s favourite words, c’est la vie.

Hoho the hilarious part of our conversation revolved around our wonderful memories of sunday school when we were still in our tweens. Uncle Sai Choong walking out on our class, David Ho our fearless leader, Dora always exasparated.. The funniest memory was how we really tried very hard to bond our class but it never happened, because the only people that would turn up for our outings would be David Ho aka Uncle Muthu, Noah, Rara, Mae and I. HAHAHA gosh. We were reminiscing the time we went to town and took FIVE SETS of neoprints (goodness knows why, and goodness knows why the guys went along with it), and the time we went to Suntec to watch James Bond: Die Another Day (which turned out to be absolutely boring). Recounting these incidents (and ++) made us go into hysterics HURHUR. Those were our silly, carefree days of youth. Sigh.

What is there not to love about how far we have come, us beans. How many friends can sit down with you and do nothing but talk and laugh and pour your heart out for five straight hours? From the fateful day in 2002 when we were all forced to go to Em’s to bake for Youth Camp fundraising; the day that Veggie Tales was playing and the day that the banana frenchbeans were born. I really don’t think anyone will fully understand our relationship and how close and comfortable we are with each other even without talking for months – no one can appreciate this but us :) Sekret bean connection. But now I must update Rara regularly because I have THE INSIDE SCOOP. Haha. Next year God-willing we must fulfill all our exciting plans together! And of course, make our bucket lists.

You will always be one of my first loves. I lupchew bean :)


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